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Nominee number 1 –   If you want to be a paramedic this bad, maybe go to school for it . . .

A 46-year-old guy in York, Pennsylvania named Peter Oldfield was trying to track down his girlfriend last Monday.  Apparently, she broke up with him, moved out, and didn’t tell him why.

So he jumped in his car . . . a red KIA SOUL with flashing lights on the roof.  And it’s also covered in stickers that say things like, “Medical Emergency Team” and “Service Dog on Board.”  So it looks like a very unofficial EMT vehicle.

He drove it to his girlfriend’s old address . . . waited for her to show up . . . and THOUGHT she was in an SUV that pulled in.

So as it pulled away, he turned his lights on . . . pulled it over . . . walked up to the driver . . . and asked, “Are you Brooke’s dad?”  But it wasn’t Brooke’s dad.

It turned out he had the wrong car.  And all three passengers were CITY COUNCIL members, who called the cops.  So he’s facing charges for impersonating an officer.

Peter claims he wasn’t trying to pull anyone over.  He was just trying to use the lights to get his girlfriend’s attention.  But he also got arrested in 2012 for a similar incident and had to plead no contest that time.


Nominee number 2 – I would have thought this guy would be I’m some deep doo doo.

There’s a 33-year-old guy named Dorleans Philidor, and he was on trial last week in Miami, Florida on a burglary charge.

Well . . . before the jury got there for closing arguments on Friday, he FLIPPED OUT and start throwing his own POOP at the judge.  Then he ate some of it and yelled, quote, “It’s protein!  It’s good for you!”

According to an article I read when I Googled “Is there protein in poop?” . . . so glad to have THAT in my search history now . . . human feces is between 2% and 25% protein.  So I guess he wasn’t totally wrong

Police officers swarmed Dorleans and none of the poop wound up hitting the judge.

And then . . . later that day, the jury found him NOT GUILTY on the burglary charge.

He’s not a free man yet, though . . . he’s still facing a separate grand theft auto charge, plus he may face charges in the poop throwing incident.


Nominee Number 3 –  Kids love going to McDonald’s . . . but that doesn’t make McDonald’s a babysitter.

There’s a 34-year-old woman named Stacy Rupp in Phoenix.  And on Wednesday night, she dropped her nine-year-old son off at a McDonald’s in Peoria, Arizona . . . and left.

The employees eventually realized that the kid was there alone and called the cops.

They say the boy wasn’t even that upset because when his mom drops him off like this, quote, “She always comes back.”

And she DID come back.  The cops confronted her, and eventually, she admitted she’d left him there while she went to gamble at a casino.  And she couldn’t take him along because, quote, “He drives me crazy.”

She was arrested for child abuse and endangerment.


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