Buy your Wing Card Online Here:  This Christmas season, supporting your local businesses like restaurants is more important than ever.  Many of our local restaurants and businesses are in danger of not being able to survive the latest restrictions and they need your...

Add ROCK 107 to Your Amazon Alexa

 “Alexa, ask rock one oh seven to listen live.” “Alexa, play rock one oh seven.”   “Alexa, ask rock one oh seven for live radio.” Great news! ROCK 107 is now on your Alexa-enabled devices, including Amazon Echo and more. It’s easy to add the Rock 107. Look for...

The New Rock107 App

"Make your smartphone smarter! Download the brand new Rock 107 mobile app and take us wherever you go! Vote on your favorite songs, wake up with us as your alarm clock, record and send messages to us and keep in touch with everything happening on Rock 107. Download...


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