When they Need me

Hi, I’m Lee Flynn.  I’m the “new guy” at ROCK 107 and it’s great to be here.  I started at ROCK 107 about a year ago as an intern (the world’s oldest intern).  Radio wasn’t originally in my plans having earned a bachelor’s degree in political science.  But after working in different jobs, it felt like it was time to do something more.  I enrolled in some broadcasting courses with Ron Reino at LCCC and discovered I had a passion for radio.  Now, I do my part every night from 7 to midnight to make radio great again.  You can also catch me on Sundays from 10 to 3 (not as great).  I started listening to ROCK 107 when I was in high school and I consider working here to be a great honor.  When I’m not on the air, I enjoy hanging out with friends and I’m an avid gamer.