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Keep it in your pants

Comedian Louis CK admits that the sexual harassment allegations against him are true.   He showed his penis to and maturated in front of at least 5 different women.  What a tool!  That’s such a guy who watched too much porn move.  Next he’s gonna take a job a pizza delivery man… Idiot!

Maybe You skip the Burger

A dude in Scranton got arrested for robbing a woman with a pellet gun over the weekend.  He fled in a white SUV.  He was arrested across the street form the robbery in the Wendy’s Parking lot.  If you have a getaway vehicle, next time GET AWAY!

A tip of the hat to you sir

A guy was in court in Colorado last week facing a drug charge.  And when he took off his hat to be polite . . . his bag of COCAINE fell out and landed on the ground.  So now he’s facing brand new drug charges. 

This ain’t BYO L P!

A Massachusetts man was pulled over Sunday when cops noticed that his car featured a HOMEMADE license plate.  Made from Pizza Boxes and sharpies.   Police say the motorist is being charged with operating an uninsured and unregistered vehicle and attaching “fake home made” plates.  Maybe his tag shouldn’t have read Avoid The Noid

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  • Louis C.K. (40%, 2 Votes)
  • Dolt who made license plate out of pizza boxes and a sharpie (0%, 0 Votes)
  • Scranton guy who robbed a woman but got caught ACROSS THE STREET (0%, 0 Votes)

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