Sean O’Mealy

jocks_3400_1376504795Laying in bed at night listening to WMMR in Philadelphia was my window to a new world. The DJ’s name was Michael Terson, “Tearson Till 2” (his shift was 10p-2am). Weaving together a tapestry of music I had never heard before, Grateful Dead, Led Zeppelin, Zappa and of course the greatest R&R band in the world, The Rolling Stones. In between the classics I was introduced to newer artists, Talking Heads, Elvis Costello and the Sex Pistols. It wasn’t just the music, it was the companionship. It felt like the DJ’s were actually talking to me, an awkward 13 year old kid who was anything but cool, especially compared the guy on the radio. It was a culture, a cult that anyone could belong to, even me. I felt like those guys on the radio were my big brothers and sisters. They talked about how amazing Graham Parker was at the Trocadaro the night before or how Pete Townshend loved this new band from England called The Clash. Waking up for school on the morning of December 9th 1980 and hearing that John Lennon had been killed the night before somehow made me feel even more connected. The radio was my friend.

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