Rock 107 Cardboard Box Sled Derby
10:00 am – 3:00 pm

This 3rd annual event is sure to get the excitement flowing on our Snow Tubing Lanes!

Get your friends & family together to build your own Cardboard Box Sled.

Kids & Grown-Up Children Ages 10+ are encouraged to participate!

Team Sledders will be competing to cross the finish the line with the most people inside your sled, or the most creative sled to hit our Tubing area!

For our guests & spectators who won’t be competing —
SNOW TUBING PARTY FROM 10am-3pm in the Tubing Plaza.

Coffee, Waffles, Burgers, Hot Dogs, & Adult Beverages will be available!



Top Prize:
Most people in the Sled to Cross the Finish Line**
$300 Montage Mountain Gift Card
(2) Winter 2018-19 Season Memberships
(4) Extended 2017-18 Lift Ticket Vouchers
(4) 2018 Waterpark Entry Vouchers


2nd Prize:
Most Creative / Best Concept Sled
$100 Montage Mountain Gift Card
(2) Winter 2018-19 Season Memberships
(4) Extended 2017-18 Lift Ticket Vouchers
(4) 2018 Waterpark Entry Vouchers


Best Montage Mountain Theme Sled (Team Only)
(8) Extended 2017-18 Lift Tickets
(4) Snow Tubing Vouchers
(4) Waterpark Entry Vouchers


$50 Montage Mountain Gift Card
(4) 2018 Snow Tubing Vouchers

** Crossing the finish line designates a complete run from top to bottom with no restart.

*** Due to safety concerns, sleds will be launched individually on a pre-selected lanes & judged as they are speeding down our Snow Tubing Lanes!



A Team Captain will be required to complete an application form for the Team, as well as each participant will be required to sign a Release Form.

All completed forms will need to be submitted to Montage Guest Services by  Feb 20th, although Day of Registrations will be accepted based on time availability.


TIME: 10:30am First Sled Launches
[7:30am Check-In Begins]

Your sled can be constructed using ONLY 4 materials:
Cardboard, Tape, Glue, & String
[Added decorations that are not structural will be permitted. ie: Paint, Christmas Lights, Garland, etc]

Please note: use of any other building materials for structural design will disqualify your sled, and judges will be going over entry during the competition. Please leave an available spot for a Letter sized Number plate received upon registration.

Maximum Width of your Sled must be under 7ft. There is no length limitation, just keep in mind your whole sled needs to cross the finish line for prizes!

There is no limit on the amount of Team Members. Team Members are responsible for Sled Loading, and removal from the Snow Tubing course. A disposal area will be available close to the Snow Tubing Landing Pad.

A pair of skis, snowboard, wheels, cart or other device will be allowed to be used ONLY to drag/push/pull your sled to the top of the snowtubing hill, but must be detached before launching for your Derby Run.

GREAT NEWS! Our Terrain Park Crew have offered to TOW your sled to the top of the area. (Montage Mtn will not assume responsibility for any damage during transport)

A HELMET & WAIVER IS RECOMMENDED FOR EACH SLED RIDER. (Limited Qtys of Helmets available at our Rental Shop)

Visit our online store and purchase your entry here.


Grab the Team Application & Waiver Forms at Guest Services

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