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Nominee number 1 -Sadly for this guy, your criminal activity counts against you, even if you don’t remember it . . .

28-year-old Weston Reinke was arrested in Springfield, Missouri the other day for a string of burglaries. He broke into at least three businesses, and tried to break into three more.  Police identified him thanks to security footage that showed a tattoo of a cross on his left calf. He stole hundreds of dollars in cash . . . three guns . . . an iPod . . .some jewelry . . . a TV . . . and a gold coin worth $1,000.  Plus, a laptop and prescription pad he took from a doctor’s office. But when the cops started grilling him about the heists, he didn’t remember most of them . . . because he was black-out DRUNK when he pulled them off.  He’s facing at least four counts of felony burglary, and admitted he hasn’t been making great decisions lately.


Nominee number 2 –  There’s a 47-year-old guy named Brian Bates from Spring Valley, New York.  You have to imagine that growing up, with that last name, kids called him “Master Bates.”  And he’s living up to that nickname today

Last week, the cops in Paramus, New Jersey got a call that Mr. Bates was at a doctor’s office EXPOSING HIMSELF to different people. When they got there, the cops found him naked in the bathroom, with the door wide open . . . and he was doing something VERY unholy with the toilet brush. Yes, I’m saying you couldn’t see where he’d stuck the handle. Bates was arrested for open lewdness . . . and it’s actually the fourth time he’s been arrested on that charge in the past two decades.


Nominee Number 3 – Here’s hoping it wasn’t a grammar exam

A student at Florida Atlantic University was arrested last week for allegedly making a public threat on Twitter that he was “gern f’ing kill dis professor,” because the professor had scheduled a 7 a.m. final.  Rafael Decomas, 20, of Riviera Beach, Florida, has been charged with intimidation, and specifically with a written threat to kill or injure. When asked about the tweet, Decomas told police that he had no real plan or intent “to harm anyone.” He was just upset because he would have to wake up at 5 A.M. to take the test. Decomas was released on a $5,000 bond


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