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betnovate gm cream price in india Nominee number 1 – I’m not sure one of the joys of being a parent is “now you’ve got a tiny criminal accomplice.”  So this is a new one . . .

The police in Salem, New Hampshire are looking for a guy who used his toddler to steal a bunch of prizes from an arcade machine at a mall on Friday night.

The game is called BarBerCut Lite, and it’s kind of like a claw machine . . . only instead of dropping a metal claw to try to grab a stuffed animal, you press buttons to try to make two pairs of scissors cut a string holding a prize.

It looks damn near impossible to win, and it probably is, since some of the prizes they have on display are really expensive things like a Nintendo Switch.

But because there are big prizes, there’s also a big prize slot on the machine . . . so this guy had his young daughter crawl through the hole and pass him a bunch of the toys, electronics, and gift cards.  Then they took off.

Several people took videos as it was going on, and the cops are reviewing them now while they try to track down this guy.


Nominee number 2 –  So THIS is supposed to get you a girlfriend?

There’s a 53-year-old guy named Kenneth Lee in Oklahoma City.  And last week, he helped out a woman whose car broke down outside a Walgreens.  She wound up giving him her phone number.

A few hours later, she started getting texts from him asking her for photos of her LADY PARTS.  Obviously she said no.

So he started sending her THREATS . . . including one where he said he was going to blow up her apartment building.

She turned those over to the cops . . . and the next day they arrested Kenneth on several charges, including making a bomb threat.


Nominee Number 3 –  Warning:  I’m pretty sure this story involves a woman turning herself into a HUMAN POOP CANNON.  So make sure you’re ready to handle that much sexiness.

The cops went to 26-year-old Amanda Peters’ house in Livingston, Kentucky on Saturday to arrest her for an outstanding warrant for identity theft and car theft.  But she wasn’t going to go easily.

So she ran into the bathroom . . . hopped onto the toilet . . . and then, according to the police report, she, quote, “intentionally released her bowels in an upward motion and with a purposeful direction” that landed on the cop’s face, arms, and legs.

Now . . . what does that report mean?  Does that mean she threw her poop?  Or is it what I’m thinking . . . she turned her back to the cop, dropped her pants, and fired her feces like a cannon?

Either way, she’s a classy lady who now has a great icebreaker story for dinner parties.  And also, it didn’t work and she was arrested.



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