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Nominee number 1 –  At least his shirt was honest

A 53-year-old guy named David Jo Devoss broke into a Dollar General store in the middle of the night last Tuesday in Eustis, Florida.  (About 30 miles northwest of Orlando.)

And he stole two four-packs of beer . . . while wearing a t-shirt that said, “This Guy Needs a Beer.”

He got away before the cops got there.  But he strolled back in DRUNK two days later, and tried to steal some smoked sausages.

The manager recognized him from the security tape . . . because he was still wearing the SAME t-shirt.  (Maybe his “This Guy Needs Some Smoked Sausages” shirt was in the wash?)

The cops showed up to arrest him, and he admitted to stealing the beer two nights earlier.  He’s facing charges for theft, burglary, and criminal mischief.


Nominee number 2 –    This isn’t exactly a GOOD excuse for speeding, but . . . um . . . at least it’s a topical one?

A guy got pulled over on a highway in Oakland, California last week for going 99 miles-an-hour in a 65.

And he told the cop he KNEW he wasn’t going that fast . . . so maybe the cop was actually looking at the TEMPERATURE, not the radar speed.

The cop says that led to a, quote, “awkward silence” . . . and eventually the guy gave up and signed his citation.

And for what it’s worth, the radar gun DID show the temperature on the screen along with the speed . . . but it was only 80.2 degrees, not 99.


Nominee Number 3 –   This has got to be the craziest example I’ve ever seen of someone living up to their name . . .

A 47-year-old guy in Storm Lake, Iowa is facing harassment charges after he told a bunch of kids he was going to EAT them earlier this month.  And his actual name is . . . King Kong.  (???)

His full name is King Kong Choul.  And yes, his parents are either idiots . . . or huge monster movie fans.

He walked up to a group of kids on July 11th . . . said he wanted to season them with a bag of salt and EAT them . . . then chased them into an apartment complex.

He also made similar threats to a woman and her one-year-old baby nearby.

Police think alcohol may have been a factor, because he’d also been arrested four days earlier for public intoxication.


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