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Nominee number 1 – Isn’t the point of crashing a wedding to have a good time WITHOUT getting caught?

There’s a 46-year-old woman named Christine Chandler from Treasure Island, Florida.  And on Sunday night around 10:00 P.M., she went into a Lions Club where there was a wedding going on, and headed straight for the dance floor.

Unfortunately, the bride and groom were having their “last dance” at that moment . . . and they didn’t really want a stranger cutting in.

Some other guests told Christine to leave and they escorted her out.  But she wound up coming back . . . and headed straight back to the dance floor.

At that point, people called the cops . . . and Christine was arrested for disorderly conduct. 


Nominee number 2 –    JUST THE TIP

A Florida man suffered a gruesome injury late Friday when police said his neighbor bit off one of his fingertips while drinking at a campsite in Big Pine Key, the Miami Herald reported. All that was left of the fingertip was a protruding bone, the report said.

Doctors at a nearby hospital tried in vain to reattach the digit. Aurelio Rodriguez, 54, was found covered in blood, Local 10 reported. He was arrested and charged with aggravated battery.

Police said the weapon used in the alleged attack was the “suspect’s mouth.” The alleged attack occurred after Rodriguez was joined by a couple who brought a bottle of tequila, the Herald said. The couple reportedly said they noticed Rodriguez had been drinking and was acting “rudely.” At one point, he reportedly fell.



An Ohio woman’s apparent love for Girl Scout cookies led to her arrest. Noel Hines allegedly stole a “large order of Girl Scout cookies” in March that was intended for a local North College Hill troop, officials with the North College Hill Police Department wrote on Facebook this week.

The woman never returned the cookies or paid for the order, which totaled more than $1,600, according to authorities. Following “multiple” attempts over the past six months to contact Hines about the cookies, authorities filed theft charges against the woman.

On Tuesday, police arrested Hines while she was at the North College Hill Mayors Court for “unrelated charges,” according to the North College Hill Police Department, which joked: “That’s the way the cookie crumbles.”

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