This Winter’s Hottest Event is coming to Montage Mountain February 25th.  Rock 107, Coors Light, and Montage Mountain present the Coors Light Rocky Mountain FREE RIDE – A unique Ski and Party event that you DO NOT want to miss.  One night of FREE lift tickets, FREE rentals, FREE food, FREE live entertainment and your chance to win ultimate prizes from Coors Light.  BUT you’ll need a ticket to get in.  The Coors Light promotional team will be out and about at a bar/restaurant near you with your chance to enter to win a pair of tickets to this EXCLUSIVE event.  You can catch the Coors Light Promotional Team out at….


Friday Jan. 18th Excalibur-New Milford- 8-930pm    
Friday Jan. 18th- Queen of Hearts- New Milford 10-1130pm    
Friday January 18th- Charlie B’s- Plains 930-1130pm    
Sunday Jan.20th- Stalter’s- Scranton 430-630pm    
Sunday Jan 20th Diskin’s- Scranton 6-8pm    
Monday Jan 21st Finnigan’s- Scranton 9-11pm    
Tuesday Jan. 22nd Penalty Box- Scranton 6-8pm    
Wednesday Jan. 23rd Jo-Jo’s @Donkey Cafe- Scranton 7-9pm    
Wednesday Jan. 23rd – Morganz- Scranton 7-9pm    
Wednesday January 23rd- Whiskey Business- Wilkes Barre 9-11pm    
Thursday January 24th- Plains Pub- Plains 7-830pm    
Thursday January 24th- Chacko’s Lanes- Wilkes Barre 9-11pm    
Thursday Jan. 24th- Gin’s Factoryville 7-830pm    
Thursday Jan 24th The Office- Nicholson 9-1030pm    
Thursday Jan 24th Mickey Gannon’s- Scranton 7-9pm    
Friday Jan 25th Bobby Keen’s- Scranton 8-10pm    
Friday Jan. 25th- Thirst T’s- Olyphant 9-11pm    
Friday Jan 25th – Andy Gavin’s – Scranton 6-8pm    
Friday Jan 25th- Backdrafts-Lake Ariel 8-930pm    
Friday Jan 25th R-Place on 590- Hamlin 10-1130pm    
Saturday Jan 26th V-Spot Scranton 9-11pm    
Saturday January 26th- King’s Pizza- Mountaintop 8-10pm    
Saturday Jan. 26th River Grill – Plains 9-11pm    
Sunday Jan. 27th- John’s Italian Restaurant- Greentown 2-4pm    
Monday January 28th- Ernie G’s- Avoca 7-9pm    
Tuesday January 29th- O’Malley’s- Scranton 9-11pm    
Tuesday January 29th Keeley’s- Kingston 7-830pm    
Tuesday January 29th Rush Inn- Kingston 9-1030pm    
Tuesday Jan 29th McGinty’s- Scranton 7-830pm    
Wednesday Jan. 30th- Arena Bar & Grill -Wilkes Barre 630-830pm    
Wednesday Jan. 30th- Wheel’s- Mountaintop 930-11pm    
Wednesday January 30th- Tony’s Pizza Cellar- Pittston 930-1130pm    
Wednesday January 30th- Ice House Pub Mountaintop 7-9pm    
Thursday Jan 31st Legend’s Saloon Dickson City 9-1030pm    
Thursday Jan 31st Sanderson Street Tavern- Throop 7-830pm    
Thursday Jan. 31st Ardee’s- Falls 9-1030pm    
Thursday Jan 31st- Boozer’s Sports Bar- Avoca 7-9pm    
Thursday Jan. 31st Creekside Inn-Tunkhannock 7-830pm    
Friday February 1st- Shaffer’s- Scranton 8-930pm    
Friday February 1st TC Riley’s Pub-Shavertown 730-9pm    
Friday February 1st Dallas Tap & Grill- Dallas 930-11pm    
Friday Feb. 1st Backroad Alehouse – Swoyersville 7-830pm    
Friday Feb. 1st Murphy’s – Swoyersville 9-1030pm    
Friday Feb 1st Whiskey Dick’s- Scranton 10pm-midnight    
Friday Feb 1st Old Tyme Charley’s- Plains 930-11pm    
Saturday Feb 2nd- Grotto Pizza- Edwardsville 7-9pm    
Saturday Feb 2nd- Goodfella’s- Scranton 830-10pm    
Saturday Feb 2nd- Level’s – Scranton 1030pm-midnight    
Monday Feb 4th- Tipsy Turtle Market Street-Inkerman 7-830pm    
Tuesday Feb 5th-Tipsy Turtle Owen St.- Swoyersville 7-830pm    
Tuesday Feb 5th- Y-Knot Pub & Eatery- Elmhurst 7-9pm    
Wednesday Feb 6th- Brews Brothers- Pittston 7-9pm    
Wednesday Feb 6th- Four Fellas Bar & Grill- White Haven  7-830pm    
Wednesday Feb 6th- Capone’s  – White Haven 9-1030pm    
Wednesday Feb 6th- RJ Rovers- Hamlin  730-930pm    
Thursday Feb 7th- Grotto Pizza Harvey’s Lake 7-9pm    
Thursday Feb 7th- Dooley’s Old forge 8-10pm    
Thursday Feb 7th- Budd’s Pizza- Kingston 7-9pm    
Thursday Feb 7th- Hops & Barley’s- Luzerne 930-11pm    
Thursday Feb 7th- Chacko’s Lanes- Wilkes Barre 9-11pm    
Friday Feb 8th- Renegades Saloon- Newfoundland 8-10pm    
Friday Feb 8th- Red Mill- Pittston 730-930pm    
Friday Feb 8th- Senuna’s- Wilkes Barre 10pm-midnight    
Friday Feb. 8th- Rodano’s – Wilkes Barre 8-930pm    
Saturday Feb 9th- Dukey’s- Wilkes Barre 8-930pm    
Saturday Feb 9th- Vesuvio’s- Wilkes Barre 10pm-midnight    
Saturday Feb 9th- Kildare’s Irish Pub- Scranton 10-midnight    
Saturday Feb 9th Blue Mountain Pub – Palmerton 7-830pm    
Saturday Feb 9th- Palmerton Hotel – Palmerton 9-1030pm    
Wednesday Feb. 13th- Brickhouse- Dupont 7-9pm    
Wednesday Feb 13th- Newfoundland Hotel – Newfoundland 7-9pm    
Wednesday Feb 13th- Ravenhaus Tavern- Lake Ariel – 630-830pm    
Thursday Feb 14th Grotto Pizza Wilkes Barre- 7-9pm    
Thursday February 14th- Beer Boys- Wilkes Barre 9-11pm    
Saturday Feb 15th Bar 279- Plains 7-9pm    
Saturday Feb 15th- Doghouse Saloon- West Hazelton 7-830pm    
Saturday Feb 15th- 15th Street Beer Barn- Hazelton 9-1030      

More Dates Coming soon…..





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